Our Products

  • Drip Lines

    Drip Lines

    A revolutionary drip line that offers high end quality, longest warranty and assures customers of years of durability and dependence. If you are looking for precision irrigation Datta Drip line should be your final choice.
  • Drip Tapes

    Drip Tapes

    Looking to increase yields, manage water and improve efficiency of your land. Look no further! Datta Drip Tapes gives you all this and more!
  • Drip Tubes

    Datta Drip Tubes are high quality weather resistant tubes that deliver water directly to the roots of plants. They make the process of micro irrigation simple, easy and efficient.
  • Drip Kits

    An entire kit with superior quality micro irrigation equipment that helps maintain favourable soil moisture conditions for the plants resulting in high value bumper yields.
  • HDPE Pipe

    HDPE is short for High Density Polyethlene. Datta HDPE Pipes specially manufactured electrical conduits made from graded raw materials like PE 63, PE 80 and PE 100 that foster precision irrigation.
  • Drippers For Irrigation


    Innovation in design and precision in moulding define Datta Drippers. They are made to suit various weather, water and soil conditions and give just enough water to meet each crop’s requirement.
  • Disc Filters


    Water used in irrigation is often of sub-standard quality. Datta Filters have designed high quality water filters that remove impurities and protect irrigation systems from clogging hazards.
  • Plastic Valves

    Plastic Valves

    Think  control and safety valves – Thank Datta Valves. High quality R&D make our plastic valves cost effective and simple to install and use.
  • Poly Fittings And Accessories

    Poly Fittings & Accessories

    Datta Poly fittings and accessories are weather resistant, long-lasting fittings that improve the efficiency of the irrigation system and help in producing a bumper yield.

Our Story

Farmers are the backbone of the entire world that depends on them for sustenance. With a commitment to seek sustainability in agriculture Datta Irrigation, Jalgaon has coupled technology with passion to revolutionize the way agriculture is done in Maharashtra and the rest of the world. With core focus on precision irrigation, Datta Irrigation has become one of the most trusted brands in the farming community driving innovation and excellence amongst agriculturists. With high level involvement in the entire farming chain, this progressive company has evolved the the grass root producers of crops as proactive and hungry for high quality eco-friendly development. The intervention of Datta Irrigation has not only spruced the produce and empowered farmers to grow higher, better yields but also do so with less water input. With an advanced infrastructure in the industry, an eye for perfection, superior quality products and intensive R&D in a short span of time Datta Irrigation has become one of the most trusted partners and stake holders of farmers in Maharashtra.  

Countries We Work

  • India

  • Nigeria

  • bangladesh

  • Kenya

  • Uganda

  • U.A.E.

  • Zimbabwe

  • Sri Lanka


  • I have over 50 acres of fruit and horticulture cultivation in Kenya. My customers always compliment and appreciate my high quality and superior produce in the form of uniformity in size, shape, and color. This turnaround in my yield and overall business happened after I partnered with Datta Irrigation for their drip irrigation kits. It’s been over 6 years and I can’t stop smiling.

  • An avid kitchen gardener I moved to Dubai two years ago. In a hot, dry and acrid environment like Dubai I could not imagine growing vegetables in my backyard. And then a friend recommended Datta Irrigation. Reluctantly, I called them and began to use their drip kits, lines and tubes. To my surprise, in less than 3 months I started to enjoy the taste of home grown lettuce, tomatoes, lady finger, brinjals, bottle gourds to name a few. In fact, I am now toying with the idea of starting my own organic vegetable home store for my neighbors and friends.

    U.A.E Dubai
  • I belong to Hambontota, an underdeveloped area in Srilanka which receives poor rainfall. As a farmer growing grapes I was always worried about my produce until I was introduced to Datta Irrigation. This precision irrigation company has turned around my fortunes. Today, I am successful and respected for my high yields and superior quality. Besides, my earnings have increased by more than 35% as the input costs have reduced drastically.

    Sri Lanka
  • I have been using Drip Lines from Datta Irrigation for the last 14 years. I have reaped all the necessary benefits of converting to drip irrigation with my banana plantation in Uganda, including higher yields, reduced overflow, and less use of water, fertilizer and labor. But the most important benefit remains that Datta Irrigation has always maintained its quality and service.


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  • Datta Drip Team

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  • Datta Drip Team At Nigeria Exhibition

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  • Datta Drip Team At Uganda Exhibition

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