Here's What Our Customers Says


I have over 50 acres of fruit and horticulture cultivation in Kenya. My customers always compliment and appreciate my high quality and superior produce in the form of uniformity in size, shape, and color. This turnaround in my yield and overall business happened after I partnered with Datta Irrigation for their drip irrigation kits. It’s been over 6 years and I can’t stop smiling. 


An avid kitchen gardener I moved to Dubai two years ago. In a hot, dry and acrid environment like Dubai I could not imagine growing vegetables in my backyard. And then a friend recommended Datta Irrigation. Reluctantly, I called them and began to use their drip kits, lines and tubes. To my surprise, in less than 3 months I started to enjoy the taste of home grown lettuce, tomatoes, lady finger, brinjals, bottle gourds to name a few. In fact, I am now toying with the idea of starting my own organic vegetable home store for my neighbors and friends. 

AdamU.A.E Dubai

I belong to Hambontota, an underdeveloped area in Srilanka which receives poor rainfall. As a farmer growing grapes I was always worried about my produce until I was introduced to Datta Irrigation. This precision irrigation company has turned around my fortunes. Today, I am successful and respected for my high yields and superior quality. Besides, my earnings have increased by more than 35% as the input costs have reduced drastically. 

ShyamSri Lanka

I have been using Drip Lines from Datta Irrigation for the last 14 years. I have reaped all the necessary benefits of converting to drip irrigation with my banana plantation in Uganda, including higher yields, reduced overflow, and less use of water, fertilizer and labor.  But the most important benefit remains that Datta Irrigation has always maintained its quality and service.


I am using Datta Drip products since last many year. Good Quality Products, Reliable Service, Honest Owners and Innovation are key points because of which I buy Datta Drip Products. My yield has increased and I earning more from same area.

Prabhakar GuptaNepal